The six biggest myths of cloud computing

We run down the top six myths cloud computing detractors tell.

1. It’s insecure

People are afraid of losing control,” says Leandro Balbinot, CIO of Brazilian retailer Lojas Renner. But “just because your data is somewhere else, doesn’t mean it’s less, or more, secure,” says Accenture CIO Frank Modruson. Test, monitor and review. That’s the only way to mitigate risk in or out of the cloud.

How to create a vSphere lab on a Mac

Learn about virtualization by creating your own one-box lab. Here’s how to do it.

The best way to learn about virtualization is with your own lab. When most people think of a lab, they picture a closet housing a group of servers that cost several thousand dollars. While there are some scenarios where you would want to create such a lab, in this case you can take advantage of the power of virtualization by building, yes, a virtual lab.

One of the best platforms with which to build a virtual lab is Apple’s Mac OS X, which is becoming more popular among techies. you likely will already find some guides on the Web about how to build a virtual lab in Windows, but doing so on the Mac is not as well documented.

Amazon Web Services offers VMware connector

VMware virtual machines easier to move to cloud with VM Import Connector

Amazon Web Services (AWS) will help IT staff to move virtual machines to the AWS cloud with a new plugin for VMware’s management platform, AWS said on Friday.

The Amazon EC2 VM Import Connector is a plugin for VMware vCenter Server. It is based on Amazon VM Import, a feature that was announced last year and allows IT staff to move to a virtual machine image from their existing VMware environment to Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). The Connector lets them do it using an interface they are familiar with, AWS said a blog post.

VMware will virtualize Android devices for business users

The mobile hypervisor will separate corporate and personal data. The technology will work much like a server or desktop hypervisor.


VMware Logo

VMware is teaming with LG to sell Android smart phones that are virtualized, allowing a single phone to run two operating systems, one for business use and one for personal use.

Oracle Praised for Switch on VMware RAC Support

Oracle has reportedly changed its position on support for its RAC (Real Application Clusters) software running in VMware virtualized environments, saying it will provide it under certain circumstances.

The shift was flagged and hailed by EMC’s vice president of VMware Strategic Alliance, Chad Sakac, on his personal blog Tuesday.

While Oracle has not actually certified any of its products running on VMware, it will provide support for issues that “are known to occur on the native OS, or can be demonstrated not to be as a result of running on VMware,” according to a November 8 Oracle support document Sakac posted to his blog.

XP Mode in Windows 7

Do you remember Windows 95 and the restart into DOS mode? Windows 7 has a feature for those XP application that do not work while running under Windows 7, and no reboot is necessary. It is an add-in to the operatingsystem download Windows 7 XP Mode, known as XPM, free from the Microsoft.

You can download XPM from here:

Windows XP Mode Download Link

You need to select which version of Windows 7 you have and desired language for installation.

You will be able to run XP applications in an emulated XP virtualization environment. The download consists of a fully licensed version of Windows XP with SP3 Virtual PC environment from Microsoft. Your system will need to be running a CPU that supports processor-based virtualization and have installed Windows 7 Pro, Enterprise, or Ultimate edition. XP Mode only works with systems that have hardware virtualization (AMD-V or Intel VT) built-in and turned on. Unlike Virtual PC, though, it’s not a standalone virtualization program.

Once installed, XP Mode works behind the scenes and allows programs to run seamlessly alongside native Windows 7 applications. Microsoft claims nearly 100% compatibility with current Windows XP applications in XPM. To help determine if your computer is capable of running this kind of environment you can download the Microsoft Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool, known as HAV, to check if the computer processor supports Hardware Virtualization and if this setting is enabled in the Bios. Certain other hardware specifications might need to be in place; but no problem, the HAV will determine what is needed.

Get your free Virtual PC 2007

Save time and money as Virtual PC 2007 allows you to maintain the compatibility of legacy and custom applications during migration to new operating systems and increases the efficiency of support, development, and training staffs.