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Top 7 Free Android Arcade & Action Games

1.  Angry Birds

‘Star Wars’ at E3: First look at ‘Kinect Star Wars’

Star Wars fans, prepare to connect with The Force in a kinectic way. On Monday, Microsoft Studios and LucasArts will formally announce the first Star Wars video game for Kinect, Microsoft’s hands-free, your-body-is-the-controller playing experience for the Xbox 360.

Simply called Kinect Star Wars, the game is intended for all ages and will hit stores this winter. Microsoft will preview the game this at E3 (aka the Electronic Entertainment Expo), the video game industry’s annual confab at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Check out the trailer for  a peek at the game and the gameplay:


Modern Warfare 3 Preview

Case in point: Modern Warfare 3. Stepping out at a London press event as if they were rock stars at Glastonbury, Infinity Ward’s creative strategist Robert Bowling and Sledgehammer’s studio head (Mr. Dead Space) Glenn Schofield introduced an impressive, explosion-filled sequel that makes up for its lack of feature revolution with some pretty incredible scenes.

Controller in hand and start button pressed, the cockpit of a downed helicopter blurrily fades into view. We’re in central Manhattan – and it’s a war zone.

Modern Warfare 3