Samsung disables Galaxy S3 Google local search function

Apple claims the innovation infringes its patent to a single search interface which it uses in its Siri app to collate results from a range of sources.

The iPhone maker had already managed to enforce a brief sales ban on another Samsung handset – the Galaxy Nexus – in the US because of the patent.

That dispute will be considered again by a Washington-based court on 20 August – but whatever the ruling, it would not have applied to the GT-i9300 (S3) model sold in the UK and other places outside the US.

HTC HD2 hacked to run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Ever since it launched in November 2009, the HTC HD2, which runs Windows Mobile 6.5 out of the box, has been hacked over and over again. We’ve seen it running Windows Phone 7, Android 2.2 (Froyo), Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), MeeGo, and even Ubuntu. Last week, Google open-sourced Android (Jelly Bean) 4.1 for third-party modification. As such, nobody should be surprised to HTC HD2 owners can now install Jelly Bean on the ancient phone that just won’t die.

Android powers over 51% of smartphones, continues growing

The chart above is also by Nielsen, showing the manufacturer share in each OS. Samsung is leading the Android parade with 17% of android running on their devices. HTC a close second with 14%. Motorola is at 11% and Other manufacturers amount to 9%.

As you can tell Android has grown a lot since it’s creation and it looks like it’s not stopping anytime soon. Are you surprised by this? Do you think that maybe one day most phones with be running Android?

Q1 Worldwide Sales of Mobile Phones Dropped 2%

All vendors were impacted at different levels; however, white-box vendors seem to have suffered the most, the firm says. While tier one players such as Nokia were negatively impacted on sell-in numbers (sold into retail), white-box vendors were unable to adjust production and were left with a buildup in inventory by the end of the quarter. Gartner expects some of this volume to be sold during the next couple of quarters because the channel is likely to lower the prices to dispose of the stock.

Mobile Phone Sales Sink for First Time in Three Years

“The first quarter, traditionally the strongest quarter for Asia–which is driven by Chinese New Year, saw a lack of new product launches from leading manufacturers, and users delayed upgrades in the hope of better smartphone deals arriving later in the year,” he said in a statement.

For consumers, especially those buying off-brand phones, the sales slump could be good news. That’s because so-called “white box” phone makers were unable to adjust their production runs during the quarter, resulting in inventory backlogs. “Gartner expects some of this volume to be sold during the next couple of quarters, because the channel is likely to lower the prices to dispose of the stock,” the research firm predicted.

HTC One X: Full Review

In our post, few days back, we have talked about upcoming HTC One X. Here is a full review of released HTC phone.

Over the past 12 months or so, HTC has seen sales dry up, revenue forecasts slashedand the company has been forced to admit that its rapid product development cycle was doing nothing to help the company in a market dominated by two smartphones — the Samsung Galaxy S II and Apple’s iPhone 4 (and 4S).

Android to Outpace Windows Devices by 2016

“The once-dominant Windows on x86 platform, consisting of PCs running the Windows operating system on any x86-compatible CPU, [will slip] from a leading 35.9 percent share in 2011 down to 25.1 percent in 2016,” IDC said. “The number of Android-based devices running on ARM CPUs, on the other hand, will grow modestly from 29.4 percent share in 2011 to a market-leading 31.1 percent share in 2016. Meanwhile, iOS-based devices will grow from 14.6 percent share in 2011 to 17.3 percent in 2016.”

iPhone 5: Which 10 New iPad Features It Should Include

Apple’s new iPad hasn’t even been on store shelves for a week and the company is already claiming sales of 3 million units. While consumers flock to “the tablet formerly known as iPad 3,” the rest of the media rumor mill has already moved on to speculating about the next big thing from Apple: iPhone 5.
Of course, based on recent experience, there’s no reason to think iPhone 5 is actually what Apple will call its next smartphone. Whatever the name, there are a host of features in the new iPad that would easily make the next iPhone more appealing than its predecessors.

HTC One X and One S release dates confirmed

Both Phones will be landing in just a couple of weeks, according to both O2 and Phones4u. O2 took to Twitter to confirm that HTC’s new flagship handset, the One X, will be landing on their network on April 5th, although no tariffs have been confirmed yet.

Phones4u, meanwhile, will be stocking both handsets. They’ve thrown up pre-order pages for both the One X and One S. You’ll even be able to choose which color you want: the One X will be available in both black and white, while the One S has black and silver options. Both handsets will be available through Phones4u on O2, Vodafone, and Orange.