HTC tipped to be building their own smartphone OS for China

The popular Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC is reportedly building their own mobile operating system for upcoming devices in the Chinese market. As we all know, HTC hasn’t been doing that well lately with profit losses and failed devices, even though the HTC One is one of the best handsets to date. The Wall Street Journal is reporting their efforts in China could turn things around.


Windows Phone 7: Microsoft’s Disaster

From the first time I got a good look at Windows Phone 7, it had all the earmarks of the end of the line for Microsoft’s mobile aspirations. After spending an hour with a beta version of Windows Phone 7 in July, I was shocked (as were they) at how much was missing from the OS and thus how incapable it was – there were no signs of copy and paste, multitasking, devicewide search, or HTML5.

Now that Windows Phone 7 is shipping, the truth is even worse. I spent several days this wek reviewing a Windows Phone 7 device; in the process, I realized Microsoft made even more boneheaded decisions than I thought possible.