Crossfit Fitness Suspension Straps Resistance Bands For Hanging Training Exercise Home t Trainer Sport Gym Workout Sets

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Product Description

– Tensile, max size is up to 2.6m.

– Max bearing weight is up to 400kg.

– Three colors avaliable: Yellow/Pink/Green

– Easy to install and convenient to carry.

– Enable you to perform hundreds of training, such as exercise strength, flexibility, core stability and endurance.

– Allow you to adjust the degree of difficulty, which makes it suitable for people of different fitness levels and different training targets.

– A complete gym in a bag, gives you everything you need to build a better body.

– Door holder, can build strength, power and mobility from any door in your home.

– All you need is a door, a tree branch, or any number of easy anchor points.

– Developing core stability and power, anytime you want, anywhere you want.

Training guide:

Training purposes: to improve joint stability, body balance, strengthen the legs, buttocks muscles.

Starting position: first back straight, scapula tightening, body knees legs squatting, thighs and legs to maintain 90 °, and then get up leg support knee, knees squat to maintain 90 °, the other side of the hip hip flexor , When the squat knee can not exceed the foot to maintain the stability of the body, left and right legs alternately completed. Note: First, adequate warm-up, increase joint flexibility. Action tempo: Movement starts to end 6 seconds.


1, stabilize the spine and pelvis core muscles, to ensure the completion of high-quality technical action.

2, to improve the control of the spine and pelvis core muscle strength and balance, improve motor skills.

3, improve energy output, the formation of an effective momentum transfer.

4, to improve the efficiency of body coordination, conduct more coordinated and smooth technical actions.

5, reduce energy consumption, to avoid fearless energy loss.

6, prevent sports injuries, promote recovery after injury.


In the process of using resistance band , very important principles !

1)please adjust the resistance size in the ability of your bady ,don’t be too quick to challenge difficult actions ;

2)pay attention to posture, wrong postures cause muscle and ligament injury;

3)when you are training, the main rope should be always kept the tension, to ensure the effective action;

4)keep arms the same force;

5)the main rope should be far away from the upper arm, so as to not scratch the skin.

Packaging details:

Package weight: 1.3kg

Package type: 17cm x 12cm x cm (6.69in x 4.72in x 7.87in)

Package Contents:1 x Training Resistance Belt Set for trx fitness training;1 x Door Holder ;1 x Mesh Bag ;1 x Guide;2 x Extension band

Additional information

Adjust the length


Maximum Weight





Colorful package



The Material of handles


The Material of straps

High-density nylon



Department Name



Hanging Training Strap

Model Number


The Length of straps


Brand Name



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