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iPhone Top Seller At AT&T, Sprint, And Verizon

Apple’s iPhone 4S is the number-one selling handset at the nation’s three largest network operators, outselling all other smartphones combined.

The Apple iPhone 4S is the undisputed smartphone champ, according to data collected by Canaccord Genuity. The firm examined individual handset sales across the top four wireless network operators in the U.S. between December 2011 and March 2012. The iPhone leads at AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, although not at T-Mobile USA, where it isn’t available.

New iPhone, iPad and Android Apps for March 2012

It has been a great month for apps. Both iOS and Android had big markers in March, as Apple released the new iPad and Google rebranded the Android Market as Google Play. Developers have been hard at work creating apps for each platform and some great games, social apps and utilities have been recently released.
We also have a new feature this month: recommended apps. We choose one app on our list from both Android and iOS and give it our official stamp of approval. See below to see what apps take the top spot this month. The updates section for March is extensive as developers updated their apps to be compatible both with the new iPad and iOS 5.1.

Apple chief Tim Cook visits Foxconn factory in China

Apple chief Tim Cook has visited Foxconn’s new iPhone factory during his visit to China, as the company tries to improve the working conditions at their plants.

It was not known whether Cook, who is on his first visit to China since becoming chief executive of Apple, would pay a visit to any of the factories used to produce its leading products.

However, according to a Beijing-based Apple spokesman, Cook visited the new Foxconn Zhengzhou Technology Park, which employs 120,000 during his stay.

Apple’s Marketing Machine In A Class By Itself

To say Apple is no ordinary company is a gross understatement. With a market capitalization (the total value of its stock) hovering around $573 billion, it’s now the world’s most valuable company. But even before it acquired that rare distinction, it was special in many ways, especially the way it introduces products and the way the public and the media react to those products.

For example, months before Apple announced its latest iPad, the tech press and even general interest media were speculating on what it might do, and that’s been a pattern with Apple products for years. I’ve never been sure how this happens, but there are always bloggers or analysts that seem to have enough inside information about the “secret” product to tantalize the curious.

Apple responds to widespread complaints of iPad charging problems

Apple’s third-generation iPad tablet has been well-received by the masses. Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, and Apple announced last week that it sold more than 3 million new iPads during the slate’s debut weekend.

While a small percentage of users reported real problems with their new iPads, a far greater amount of noise has been made over inconsequential issues such as the iPad feeling warm to the touch or continuing to charge after the battery indicator reaches 100%. Apple already responded to the flurry of minor heat-related complaints, and now the company has issued a statement regarding possible charging issues.

Apple Seeks Help With ‘Next Generation’ Data Centers

Apple is actively advertising for help with the design and construction of its “next generation” data centers as it begins work on a new computing facility in Prineville, Oregon and expands its iCloud data center in Maiden, North Carolina.
“As Apple’s new products and services expand and grow, so too does the need for more servers and server space to house them, Data Centers,” reads a new Apple job listing.

iOS 5.1 market share at Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’ levels after 15 days

It took 15 days from release for iOS 5.1 to get to 61 percent, the same percentage of users as the most popular version of Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’.

Over-the-air (OTA) updates for iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad, combined with strong sales of Apple’s new iPad, have helped to drive up adoption of the latest 5.1 release, according to data released by iOS and Mac developer David Smith.

iOS 5.0 introduced the new OTA update feature which allowed iPhone and iPad owners to download smaller, incremental operating system updates directly to their iOS devices, without the need for connecting it to a computer running iTunes.

Android Users Consume More Data Than Apple iPhone Users

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse stated in a recent Mobile World Live interview that iPhone users are more profitable for the carrier because they use less data than Android users.

“iPhone customers have a lower level of churn, and they actually use less data on average than a high-end, 4G Android device,” said the executive. So from a cost point of view and a customer lifetime value perspective. They’re more profitable than the average smartphone customer.”
Hesse stated that iPhone users also bring the carrier some heavy subsidies, which are another big part of how the company determines the iPhone’s impact on its bottom line.

Sprint spent a reported $20 million to bring the iPhone onboard last fall. Other terms of the deal reportedly included Sprint’s purchase of 30 million iPhone units.

Next iPhone Will Have LTE, larger screen – arrive in fall

Apple’s next iPhone will likely have LTE 4G connectivity, a 3.5″ or slightly larger screen and will arrive in Fall of 2012, reports iMore. The site has a history of accurate rumors including the announcement of the new iPad and the fact that it would also have LTE technology.