Microsoft Announced New Adjustments!!

Microsoft CorporationBy the change in time, there is a significant change in the living standard and taste of people. In the current year there has been a huge loss for desktop PCs and even laptops. These ordinary designs have changed by small screen portable devices like tablets. Manufacturers are trying to give smaller and more portable devices in future. Microsoft is in a bit worry because the latest Windows 8 is specially designed for large screen devices. This is reason of the large screen Microsoft Surface tablet. Users think surface is a complete desktop experience it does not feel like a tablet. It is kind of a negative criticism for Microsoft. Windows 8 has huge changes then the old windows designs. For instance, the start button is converted into start home page of the windows 8. It has all the most used and favorable apps of the user. Microsoft changed the start button to homepage because it will give a better tablet experience. Still there are huge differences among windows 8 tablet and I pad mini and Google Nexus 7. They are the direct rivals of Microsoft.


There will be a conference take place on 26 June 2013 in which the Microsoft will show the latest version of windows 8 named as windows 8.1. This new version will be shared with all the stakeholders of Microsoft to give a small demonstration. Then later it will be launched officially for the general public. Microsoft new adjustment is step forward towards the changed technology. Windows 8.1 will be more appropriate for small screen devices. It is especially designed for the latest Tablet designs. Microsoft is encouraging people to use tablets or phablets. They have also changed the new office app into office 365 so that user gets full access to Microsoft software without any hassle.


The windows 8.1 version will give the user usual PC experience regarding the use. But it will be on PC mode automatically at the time of power on. The start button will be visible this time but along with the start display screen. The old start button will be used for the shift to start display screen. It will have the most used and most updated apps. Another very important change is that it will be able to show more widgets on the screen. It means you can run more than 4 apps at a time on the same screen. Microsoft is always very popular for taking the customers reviews seriously. That is why, just after few criticisms they have decided to launch new adjustment especially designed for tablets.


This new windows adjustment will be available in the next Microsoft Tablet. Microsoft is also trying to change the old PC experience because users are very wobbly they are always seeking for a better experience in tablets and smart phones. Many leading companies have even pushed their laptops backwards and keeping more focus on designing Tablets with more qualities and specs. A Microsoft window 8.1 is a new and revolutionary step towards the next generation.