New Apple iPhone 5 Rumors

The new rumor talking about the next-generation Apple smartphone was posted on Monday, and it is surprisingly not about the release date of the phone, or its rumored 8 megapixel camera, or an iCloud iPhone — it is arebirth of the same-old rumor that was first reported in January when Verizon is still not announcing the Verizon iPhone (CDMA iPhone 4), the Long Term Evolution equipped iPhone.

Apple iPhone 5

Some analysts and tech bloggers believe that the next iPhone, or if it is the iPhone 5, will not include LTE because one of Apple’s partners in USA, AT&T, is still not ready to serve it, and Verizon Wireless is still not implementing its faster LTE network nationwide. Subject matter experts believe that the iPhone after the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S will be the LTE-equipped, and not the phone that could arrive this year.

Meanwhile, majority of Apple iPhone 5 rumors posted online are still claiming that the device will arrive by September or October, and Apple is reportedly targeting the Ber-months and the two shopping seasons to get more “market share rush.” Plus, additional rumors still add that the iPhone 5 will be including dual-core processor, 8MP rear camera, non-VGA front camera and new design.

In case you were worried  that Apple wouldn’t continue offering the iPhone 5 in both black and white comes the fall following the woes of the white iPhone 4, you’ll be glad to hear it shouldn’t be the case.

Indeed, some purported leaked parts of the next iPhone are making the rounds on the web this week, and while they’re just very boring headphone connectors, they do come in both black and white. Apple, in its attention to details, makes its jack connectors in the color of the outside of phone so when you look inside the plug, it matches. If these parts are legit, Apple will be continuing this tradition with the iPhone 5.

Last year, similar part leaks had proved to be accurate, so we keep our hopes high for this one.

Steve Jobs Biography reportedly set to hit the stores on Nov. 21, 2011, ahead of its original release date of early 2012, could this hint for an arrival of iPhone 5?

This sudden change of the release date spark some speculations whether the CEO will indeed unveiled the next generation iPhone due to the decision. Previously, we heard about a rumor that iPhone 5 will undergone production in September, which we probably then will see the releases in holiday season that also clash with the launch of Jobs biography.