How To Improve Battery Life For Apple iPhone 4

Apple has improved performance for battery life of iPhone 4 as they claim that, iPhone 4 has talk time of up to 7 hours on 3G, up to 14 hours on 2G, standby time of up to 300 hours.

For internet use it has up to 6 hours on 3G and up to 10 hours on Wi-Fi. iPhone playing video can last up to 10 hours and can play audio for up to 40 hours.

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As a Apple iPhone 4 user, you can improve the performance of battery using couple of tips and tricks. Taking a good care of iPhone 4 battery one can easily extend battery life and battery life span. Here are the some useful tips from Apple to extend iPhone 4 ‘s battery life. These tips holds well for other Apple devices as well.

How To Extend iPhone 4 Battery Life?

  • Learn about iPhone 4 Battery: This is first step to know your battery life time. Check the “Time since last full charge” by going to “Settings  on the Home screen and Choose General > Usage”. Doing this will let you know how long your battery last which will helpful to save your battery.
  • Update to the Latest Software: Updating the software typically fix the know issues which will helpful for improving battery life. So always make sure that, you have latest and updated version of software on your iPhone 4 . In order to check for software updates, “Connect your iPhone 4 to a computer and select the iPhone 4 in the Source List in iTunes.  Click “Check for Updates” in the summary panel to see if there’s a new version of the iPhone 4 software available. Install the update if there is any.
  • Disable Location Services:l Disabling local services such as  Maps definitely save some battery. To disable location services, go to Settings > General > Location Services.
  • Switch Off  Push Notifications: Apple Push Notification Service notifies users for new data and mostly use by some apps such as instant messaging. Using this feature consume battery and reduce its life. So, you can also tweak your battery life by disabling the push notifications, which can be done on ”Settings > Notifications and set Notifications to Off”.
  • Reduce the Data Fetch Frequency: Email applications, contacts and calendars fetch new data at specific frequency. The more frequent that apps fetch new data, the faster your iPhone 4 battery drains. In order to protect your battery life, you can switch from automatic mode to  manual mode to fetch new data. Or you can increase the frequency with which the apps fetch new data.
    • To switch to manual fetch mode, Go to “Home screen and choose Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data” and set manually.
    • To increase the fetching frequency, Go to “Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data” and select hourly.
  • Switch Off Push Mail: Mailing account such as  Yahoo!, MobileMe or Microsoft Exchange are not always in use. You can switch off such account, when you don’t use it. To enable switch off push mail, go to “Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data and set Push to Off”.
  • Check Fewer Email Accounts: Checking multiple accounts could reduce iPhone 4 battery life. Reduce the number of email account to check for emails.  One can switch off an email account by going to “Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, choose an email account, and set Account to Off”. To remove an email account, “Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, choose an email account, and tap Delete Account”.
  • Reduce the Usage of  Apps: Applications like games keep the screen bright all the time and thus reducing battery life. Avoid excessive use of such third party applications.
  • Switch Off Wi-Fi, when you are not using Wi-Fi. One can switch off Wi-Fi to save battery by going to “Settings > Wi-Fi and set Wi-Fi to Off”.  Note that if you frequently use your iPhone 4 to browse the web, battery life may be improved by using Wi-Fi instead of cellular data networks.
  • Switch Off 3G: iPhone using the 3G networks may consume more power. Therefore, disable 3G if not needed. In addition, if you have both Wi-Fi and 3G (or other) network available to you, use always Wi-Fi as it may save some battery. To turn off  3G, go to  ”Home screen choose Settings > General > Network and set Enable 3G to Off”.
  • Switch Off Bluetooth, if you are not any Bluetooth devices to save power. To switch off Bluetooth, “Go to Settings > General > Bluetooth and set Bluetooth to Off”.
  • Use Airplane Mode When There is No Coverage. In normal mode , iPhone 4 keeps looking for a cellular network. If there is no coverage or little coverage, your iPhone 4 is unnecessarily wasting power by looking signal.  Switching to Airplane Mode can help save battery, but you can not make/receive any calls.
  • Reduce Brightness: One easily extend the battery life, by reducing the brightness of iPhone 4 screen. To dim the display, “Go to Settings > Brightness and drag the slider to the left to lower the default screen brightness”. iPhone 4 can automatically set the screen brightness depending the lighting conditions using “Auto-Brightness”. To enable Auto Brightness, go to “Settings > Brightness and set Auto-Brightness to On”.
  • Switch Off Equalize (EQ): Listening to music with EQ may drain your battery.  One can turn off EQ by going to “Settings > iPod > EQ and tap Off”.
  • Lock Your iPhone when you are nor using it. Your iPhone will function normally and you will receive calls/messages in the lock mode. To lock iPhone, “press the Sleep/Wake button”. To set  the Auto-Lock interval time, go to “Settings > General > Auto-Lock and set the interval to a short time, such as 1 minute”. This will automatically lock the iPhone after a period of inactivity.
  • Use Your iPhone: This may sound silly, but if you have multiple smartphones there is a chance that you may not use the iPhone regularly. Use it regularly to keep the battery healthy. Make sure to charge your iPhone to 100% and completely run down once a month to increase battery life.
  • Remove Cover While Charging: Using certain carrying cases while charging the iPhone may create more heat and the heat can reduce battery capacity. Charge your iPhone with no carrying case to reduce the heat.

Using this above tips from Apple, you could able to save and improve battery performance in iPhone 4.