Gingerbread for the EVO available June 3rd

You read that title correctly. No ROM. No leaked OTA. No crazy voodoo magic.  You will be able to manually update your EVO to  Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) in two days. For those of you too lazy to manually update, they will be pushing over-the-air updates (OTA) starting on Friday. It seems like us EVO users have been waiting for an eternity for this one, but it appears Sprint and HTC have not forgotten about us. Some of the updates shown are

  • The standard Gingerbread fixes
  • A fix for the SMS bug
  • Gmail syncing updates
  • Spanish SMS translation bug
  • And the battery charging bug (batteries would stop charging at a certain point)

The big question on peoples’ minds is how will Sense be integrated with this? Could we see an update to Sense 2.0? Maybe even 2.1? While hopes aren’t too high for an updated Sense, HTC stated a while back that they wanted to optimize our experience on Gingerbread so an updated Sense experience is definitely still on the table.

Reminder for Root users: Do not accept this or the OTA update. You will loose root capabilities.