Apple iPhone 5: Is It Worth the Wait?

When will the iPhone 5 be unveiled? This is the million dollar question that is torturing the minds of Apple fans worldwide. Many people are desperately pondering whether it’s worth getting an iPhone 4 or if they should wait it out so that they can be one of the first of their friends to own Apple’s much anticipated upgrade. What will the iPhone 5 be like? Will it be that much better than the iPhone 4?

Apple iPhone 5

This is the next mystery that Apple fans are frantically trying to solve. The only way to make that decision is to look at the current evidence that’s out there and to judge for yourself. There’s so much gossip flying around about the iPhone 5 however that it’s hard to keep track of what’s truth and what’s rumour. So to help make it easier for you we’ve collated the top 5 latest iPhone updates that will assist in your decision.

  • According to the popular gadget website Electric Pig Apple’s PR team have sent out invites to select UK journalists to attend the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2011 in early June. You may be wondering, well what does this mean for the iPhone 5? Well it is possible that the motivation behind Apple’s invitation to the journalists is due to their planned unveiling of the next generation iPhone (which might also be the iPhone 4S). Apple however has already announced that it will be launching the i0S 5 at the WWDC. The i0S 5 is expected to be a major upgrade so there is a likelihood that the invitations are for it and not for the iPhone 5.
  • Taiwanese website DigiTimes has revealed that there is a very high likelihood that the iPhone 5 will feature a curved glass display. According to the website Apple has purchased more than 200 glass cutting machines that are to be used by the same people who manufactured the glass displays for previous generation iPhones. The late purchase of the machines goes perfectly in line with a September 2011 release as opposed to a June release for the WWDC.
  • It is believed that the iPhone 5 will be equipped with advance voice recognition software. Apparently Apple has been involved in months and months of intense negotiations with the company Nuance who own a software called Siri that offers speech recognition in the form of a personal assistant.
  • There is a possibility that Apple’s latest upgrade will follow in the footsteps of the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS where we won’t be seeing a total new refresh but an iPhone 4S instead.
  • There has been ample speculation to support that the iPhone 5 with feature Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology that will turn the device into a form of debit/credit card.

iPhone 5

Our only one true reliable source though is Apple itself and as per usual they are doing a stellar job at keeping their lips firmly sealed. So what should we believe? The answer to that is, you be the judge.